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Empowering You With Vital Intelligence

The Vital Intelligence Group are focused on empowering our clients with Vital Intelligence.

We assist you to make significantly better risk and security-related decisions by providing the most insightful, actionable intelligence available.

Our intelligence team allows you to integrate professional expertise with advancing technology.

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Vital Intelligence International Ltd upholds the value of integrity, honesty, and loyalty in everything we do.

It is our strict company policy to deliver the highest standard of excellence.

We are legally compliant international laws, adhering to confidentiality, disclosure, collection and protection of information.


"We've had nothing but great experiences with Vital Intelligence Group. They have helped us with all security issues at our website."

Johan N,

"Vital Intelligence Group helped us secure our website in a quick and efficient manner. We can highly recommend them."



Operating globally in strategic partnerships, the Vital Intelligence Group has professional representation in Africa, Asia Pacific, Europe, India, Israel, Romania, the USA and the United Kingdom.

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