Advanced Intelligence Collection

Vital Intelligence fuses human and data intelligence to bring together sophisticated solutions to analyze and visualize complex information designed to enable our clients to make better informed decisions.

We work with our clients on a global basis to master critical business issues. We assist our clients to make significantly better decisions by providing them with the most insightful, actionable intelligence services available.

Our clients leverage the wealth of actionable intelligence to create powerful new ways to perform.

Providing information and intelligence platforms derived from advanced technology, research, and multi-lingual analytical services culminating in effective decision making.

Competitive Intelligence is what companies, government and people efficiently, systematically, and economically collect information, analyze it, and use it to make  the right decisions.

In today’s environment, having the right information is not enough anymore. In a world where competitors and threats are fiercer than ever, rapidly changing technologies alter the rules of the game daily. Let Vital Intelligence assist you in making better decisions.


Our four key areas of stength:

  • Human Intelligence (HUMINT)
  • Cyber Intelligence (CYBINT)
  • Social Intelligence (SOCINT)
  • Geographical Intelligence (GEOINT)

Simply stated, effective intelligence is the product of the careful gathering of relevant information, systematically evaluating it and processing the essence into intelligence. By analysing that intelligence, we produce products to support informed, individual decision-making.

Our slogan – Information V Intelligence evolved from our understanding of real intelligence in its various forms. Whether to maintain the lead in your field of operations or to gather information regarding the threats, Vital Intelligence will always allow you to be proactive in thwarting the threats.