The Vital Intelligence Academy of Cyber Defence and Advanced Hi Tech Security has developed a long-term road map for Cyber Defence, High Tech Security Skills and Cyber Security Development Globally, and together this uniquely fused Centre for Advanced Information Technologies and overall Security training will lend its expertise and global experience in this area to help achieve your goals.

The Vital Intelligence Group has partnered with world renowned Cyber experts focusing on computer and information technology training.

The Vital Intelligence Academy is a unique combination of integrated subject matter professionals that work hand in hand and understand that information is only as good as the entire Vital Intelligence Cycle of proactive security.

The Vital Intelligence Academy objective is to provide the right tools necessary for making a significant impact in this skill sector and to provide the very much needed Vital Intelligence integration into sharing skills and allowing a much broader understanding of the real threats, the impacts and the solutions required to defend and proactively protect against these threats but also the provision of the right skills to the right people in the right industry.

A unique but fully integrated and all important addition to the security fraternity, the Vital Intelligence Academy delivers security subject matter that is not simply available off the shelf. We tailor design Cyber courses and provide the security architecture for a physically secure environment from critical infrastructures to strategic facilities, all created by experienced subject matter professionals and all individually designed for each agency and organisation as their very own.

The Vital Intelligence Academy is a world class centre for Advanced Information Technologies. Our unique scope and global first of providing cyber and classic advanced security solutions in unison provides a base for our objective to provide professionals with innovative up-to-date content to enhance their current position by acquiring new skills.

As Cybersecurity is one of the most serious economic and national security challenges the world faces, along with the threats of physical terror that are in abundance globally, the Vital Intelligence Academy will share skills and technology in an effort to create sensitive job skills much required and sought after, especially in the Cyber Sector as well as unique teaching modules in the anti- and counter organised crime and terror spheres that will fuse and integrate, providing a proactive defense platform for the information and communications infrastructure and the development of a comprehensive approach to securing vulnerable digital infrastructure physical assets and Human life.