Investigation & Protection

Expertise brought by academics, experienced field veterans, all educated and exceptionally  well trained  and versed globally.

Vital Intelligence International provides consulting services designed to conduct a full and thorough assessment by reviewing and auditing existing practices and analyzing environmental pressures and procedures. The result is a comprehensive evaluation including scalable deployable recommendations based on best practices.

We conduct premium background investigations on high-end individuals / cases in order to locate and or track individuals or assets utilizing databases, resources and technologically advanced proprietary methods. Our methods and systems assist in locating individuals for litigation, insurance fraud, criminal prosecution or other investigative purposes.

We provide our clients with the critical information they need to identify potential problems before making a decision on a merger, acquisition, key man hire or other important transactional decision.

Vital Intelligence goes beyond providing ordinary due diligence and investigative services:

  • to high-end financial clients such as investment banks, hedge funds and private equity firms
  • to legal institutes with high risk cases
  • to insurance companies seeking evidence of large scale insurance fraud cases
  • to pharmaceutical companies seeking competitor knowledge and threat mitigation. 
  • threat mitigation to governments

We conduct our due diligence investigations on several levels, that include database research, direct inquiry, virtual intelligence, on site investigation and more.