Policy & Procedure Development

Policy is a consistent guide to be followed under a given set of circumstances. Policy is based on proven concepts, creating the right procedures, policy and protocols for Corporate, Government and the Private sector.

Good policy will not lock you into rigid procedures or decision making. Rather, it will provide guidance for handling a wide range of organizational and programmatic issues, and will establish a framework for both management and staff decision making.

A procedure is a sequence of steps for completing a given activity. A procedure may outline the manner in which a particular policy is to be implemented, but it cannot take the place of that policy. Recall that a good policy is inviolate, that is, policies change slowly and infrequently if at all. Procedures, on the other hand, change often as dictated by any number of factors such as staffing, equipment, space, and technology. An earlier procedure related to a given policy may have required a number of steps which can now be eliminated as a result of new technology.

Risk is present throughout an organisation, in its buildings, equipment, policies, systems, processes, staff, students and visitors.

We at Vital Intelligence International recognise that the management of risk is vital to good management practice. It must be an integral part of all the functions and activities of an organisation. Therefore implementing the correct Policy and Procedure within the organisation will help reduce the risk factors and efficient Business Continuity options.