Vicas ™

VICAS™ is a risk intelligence decision platform support solution that employs enhanced intelligence gathering capabilities to strengthen strategic risk policy and planning in the global environment. 

Through the automated detection and correlation of single and multiple human and cyber sources, in-depth intelligence is used via the VICAS™ Intelligence Collection platform to provide our clients with “risk insight through analysis” – a view of the vulnerability of their operations from the outside in. By going far beyond traditional risk analysis, VICAS™ output is used to align global risks to meet strategic and operational objectives.

At the heart of our company’s intelligence gathering and advanced analytics capabilities is a secure VICAS™ Intelligence Centre manned by veterans with decades of international intelligence and risk mitigation expertise

Operating globally, VICAS™ allows real-time and predictive solutions that, when linked to human intelligence analysis, serve to build executive understanding of real and potential business, criminal and cyber risks, thereby leveraging organizational commitment to effective mitigation and management strategies.


VICAS™ is a multi-faceted, multi-source, strategic intelligence and communications platform, developed around international specialists with exceptional experience who come from the global intelligence agencies. All are proven experts in intelligence and information collection, processing and dissemination, as well as in large scale investigations

VICAS™ is a provider of solutions for Corporate, Government Intelligence Entities and High Net Worth clients.

Services include information Collection, Translations, Analysis Assessment, Campaigns, Communications Strategies and Negotiations, all of which are supported by complex technology systems. The output includes comprehensive country reports, as well as profound analysis of terrorist organisations and criminal networks.

Training Services: Our unique packages include highly specialized education and training, ranging from courses in country cultures, language, religion, on to multi-level translations and analysis.

Alert Service: Timely alerts on issues directly affecting typical based activity and discourse in, neighbouring countries and troubled areas around the globe where Vital Intelligence International has a source presence in pivotal locations. Some alerts will also deal with physical threats.

It is noteworthy that Vital Intelligence International specializes in identifying and mapping tactics, techniques and procedures in various arenas and we have developed a considerable body of knowledge that can be harnessed to help protect civilians, state assets, key infrastructure, convoys and VIP’s.

Link Analysis: Mapping local support for different groups and inclinations toward violence; such monitoring requires not only a robust presence in the relevant online circles and relevant technology as explained above, but also a substantial expertise in analysing ties, terminology and content.

Weekly Report: A weekly briefing of security-related events and notable developments across the sphere that directly concern our client, in addition to mapping local operatives, including such technical data as relevant social media and mobile app accounts, gleaned through our ongoing monitoring and virtual sources.

Monthly Regional Report: A monthly review of strategic and background developments impacting national and regional stability.
This review highlights the main political and security developments in several turbulent countries or regions.

VICAS™ provides insight to:

  • Who they are
  • Who they associate with
  • What they say to each other
  • What they are doing online
  • What else we know relating to them

VICAS™ Actionable Intelligence Services consists of:

  • Individuals
  • Organizations
  • Institutions
  • Infrastructure
  • Geography
  • Virtual HumInt
  • Web-Specific Methodology
  • Web-Specific Technology
  • If needed –  HumInt “ Virtual Entity & Boots-on-the-Ground”